GPU Raytracing

Substance Designer 2018.3 introduced the DXR library, allowing the use of specific hardware to accelerate ray tracing.
Bakers casting many rays per pxiel (such as the Ambient Occlusion From Mesh) take advantage of DXR. Internal tests showed an increases speed by a factor of 25, or more.

As of today, the DXR technology is only supported by Nvidia on the RTX and Titan V GPUs.

Enabling DXR (Hardware Requirements)

The DXR-accelerated ray tracing will automatically be enabled if the system follows these requirements:

In case you are running into issues with DXR, you can disable this feature (and fall back to CPU ray tracing) using the "--nodxr" command in the Substance Designer shortcut.

Rendering Modes

The list below indicate which baker takes advantage of the GPU raytracing.

OpenGLCPU RaytracingGPU Raytracing (DXR / Optix)
Ambient Occlusion

Ambient Occlusion from mesh
Bent Normals from mesh
Color Map from mesh

Convert UV to SVG
Curvature from mesh
Height Map from mesh
Normal Map from mesh
Opacity Mask from mesh
Position from mesh
Thickness Map from mesh
Transferred Texture from mesh
World Space Direction
World Space Normals