Matching by Name

What is baking by Name Matching ?

Name matching allow to filter the bakers to avoid mesh detection other than with specific meshes.
This give the ability to bake multiple meshes inside one texture at once without bleeding artifacts or the necessity to explode a mesh (by shifting parts away).

In order to be able to match a low poly mesh with its high poly, a suffix keyword needs to be defined to detect the common mesh name.

How to setup meshes names ?

Let's say the suffix are _low and _high (you can use the suffix that you want). So meshes from both low and high will match according to the name before the suffix.

Example :

  • body_low matches with body_high
  • head_low matches with head_high

Anything after the suffix is ignored.

Following the same example :

  • body_low matches with body_high_part1, body_high_part2
  • head_low matches with head_high-glasses, head_highdetail, head_highwhatever

No matter what is put after the suffix, it will be ignored.
This allows you to keep object separated while still making sure they match with specific parts of the low poly mesh.

Name matching is very precise and will take into account uppercase and lowercase. Therefore a mesh named "Mesh" will not be the same as one named "mesh". Another example with an underscore "_" being different of a dash "-".

The matching by name works only with mesh name. Any container, transform or other type of resource user to organize your scene before your export will be ignored by the bakers.

How to setup the bakers ?

In Substance Painter the name matching is not enabled by default.
You can enable by setting the Match parameter to "By mesh name" instead of "Always".

Here you can also configure the suffix that will looked for during the matching. For example if you named you meshes like this :

  • head_lp then write the suffix _lp instead of _low.
  • body_hp then write the suffix _hp instead of _high.

The Ambient occlusion baker also has a matching by name parameter because this baker sends a second set of rays.

High-poly meshes from zBrush

Since zBrush 4R7 you can export as FBX which allow to skip this setup.

Because of the way Pixologic zBrush export meshes and name them, we made a special case in the bakers of Substance Painter to handle them. 
Some things need to be configurated before those files will be able to work in Substance Painter with the matching by name.

Note however that zBrush rename the first subtool when you save your ztl file. So be sure to check your meshes names before exporting.

zBrush doesn't write the mesh names inside the OBJ. Therefore Substance painter will read the filename of the OBJ instead.
To be sure that Substance Painter recognize the OBJ as coming from zBrush, the "group" (Grp) parameter needs to be disabled in the export settings of each subtool before exporting to OBJ.
Once done, name the obj as the mesh that you want. For example : body_high.obj