Generated Textures (Packing)

The Generated Textures show the outputs from the Substance that are computed by the Substance Engine to create textures. These textures are fed into the shader inputs. By default, the only the base inputs used by the shader are created. If "Generate All Outputs" is enabled, all of the textures will be shown here. 


  1. Selecting a texture Icon will select the texture in the Project Window. 
  2. The sRGB button works similarly to the sRGB (color texture) option in the Texture Import Settings. It allows you to set if a texture is to be interpreted in gamma space (sRGB) or linear. The Substance plugin handles this interpretation automatically but it can be overridden if needed. 

    Substance OutputsRGB
    Albedo (base color, diffuse)Enabled
    Ambient OcclusionDisabled

Packing Channels

You can pack a texture into the alpha channel of another texture using the drop down menu. Each generated texture has a drop down menu that contains a list of all of the texture outputs generated by the Substance. Simply choose a map from the list to pack it into the alpha channel of the texture. The Source option is the alpha channel of the texture. 

In the following image, you can see that the Opacity output is being packed into the alpha channel of the Albedo map.