The officially supported plugin for Houdini can be found on the Allegorithmic website. The plugin can be downloaded here: https://www.allegorithmic.com/buy/download

Currently the 1.x version of Substance in Houdini is using a SHOP network.

Houdini's Mantra is the default renderer supported. You can use the substance configuration files to add support for other 3rd party renderers

Table of Contents

Plugin Overview:

You will need to edit the SubstanceToPrincipled.cfg to properly setup rendering

Opening a Substance material

  1. In the Network view, create a SHOP network node. 
  2. Inside the shopnet node, hit the tab key and go to Custom>Substance to create a Substance node. 

  3. Create a Material for your object and under the Material option, choose the substance_shop node created above. 

Changing Parameters:

Parameters for the Substance material can be changed on the substance_shop node. You can change any parameters that have been exposed on the Substance materials as well as resolution.