Legacy Support


For 3ds max 2012 - 2017 you can download an updater which will update the native legacy plugin to Substance engine to version 6. 


The updater doesn't work with the Substance GPU Engine. This means you can only set textures to a maximum of 2K. The option to use the Hardware Renderer (Substance GPU Engine) is still available, but it doesn't work at this time. Switching to the GPU engine is not working. 

You can use the updater to update 3ds max the integrated Substance plugin to work with Substance Engine 6. 

This script is used in the Substance Updater for legacy support. For use with 3ds Max 2017.

The 3ds Max updater installs a script that can be used to create a vray material for use with a Substance. The script is called "substance_PBR_to_Vray_material" and can be found in the MacroScripts. 

C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2017\MacroScripts. 

Be sure to have administrator privileges in order to be able to add files to 3dsMax sub-directories.

  1. Launch 3dsMax using right click->Run as administrator.
  2. Use "MAXScript->Run Script" to execute the .mzp file.
  3. Click on "Customize->Customize User Interface". Click on "Toolbars" tab. 
  4. In "Category", select "Substance" and drag & drop "PBR to vray material" in 3dsMax UI to add it as a button.

Optional: you can create your own toolbar by clicking on "New" Button.


  1. Select the substance loaded in the Slate Editor. 
  2. Click the "substance_PBR_to_Vray_marterial" button you created above. The script will create the vray material with the outputs of the substance.