Live Link Plugin

The Substance Painter Live Link Plugin has been removed from the Unity Plugin. You can download the plugin on Substance Share

Live Link doesn't work with Unity 3D primitives. The asset you send needs to be a model file imported into your Unity project.

Known Limitation: Currently, live link will not work with an object containing multiple materials or submeshes. This will be fixed in a future update. At this time, the mesh needs to contain only a single material

Establishing link to Substance Painter

  1. Open Substance Painter. 
  2. Right-click on the asset in the Asset Browser or Hierarchy and choose "Send to Painter." You can also use the Send to Painter command under Game Object Menu. 

  3. As you texture in Painter the scene in Unity will update live while the link status is green in Substance Painter.  The green icon indicates that the link is live and sending textures. You can click the green icon to pause the transfer. The icon will turn red with the live link is paused. Clicking the red icon will restart the live texture transfer and turn green. 

  4. Textures from Painter will appear in the Unity Asset Browser in the SP_Textures folder. 

  5. A Substance Painter project(.spp) file will be added to the Unity project>assets in the .sp folder. 

Reestablishing link to Substance Painter Project

You can pick up where you left off after closing Painter or Unity. 

  1. Open the .spp project in Substance Painter located in your Unity project>assets>.sp folder. 
  2. Right-click the mesh in the Unity Asset Browser or Hierarchy to reestablish the link.