Managing and Navigating Substance Graphs

Managing Substance Graphs

You can create new materials based on the Substance material using the Substance Graph Manager (SGM).

  1. Click on the sbsar root object in the Project window. 
  2. In the Inspector, you can create a new material by clicking the + button in the manager window as shown in figure 01.

    figure 01

  3. After the material is created, click the Apply button. 
  4. A new material and Substance Graph Object (SGO) are created in the Project. 

  5. You can click the - button to properly remove the material. You must click Apply to commit the change. 

Navigating Materials and Graphs

You can use the Navigation Panel to quickly navigate to the material, generated textures or SGM that is linked to the SGO.

SGO Navigation Panel
There is also a Navigation Panel on the SGM for a Substance Material Object. 

SGM Navigation Panel