Important: Before upgrading to the 2.7.0 version, you need to manually remove the older version. The old version can be found here. C:\Users\*YOURUSERNAME*\AppData\Roaming\Luxology\Kits


Opening a Substance

  1. Create a material or select a material group. 
  2. Under Texture>Substance, choose create Substance or use the Create button under the Substance Kit options. This will create a Substance material in the shader tree. 
  3. Click the Load sbsar to load an sbsar file.

Creating Outputs 

Using the Default - Principled Shading Mode, you can create outputs using the metallic/roughness workflow. 

  1. In the Outputs section of the Substance Properties, click the outputs needed for shading. The Substance texture will be generated, added to the Shader Tree with the correct Material Layer Effect. For Principled Shading Mode, you will need the following:

    Substance OutputColorspaceMaterial Layer Effect (Principled Shading Mode)
    Base ColorsRGBDiffuse Color

Changing Resolution/Parameters

You can change Substance parameters to update or change the generated textures. Changing a parameter will cause the Substance Engine to recompute the textures that are fed into the MODO material.

  1. Go to the Substance Properties for the Substance Material and in the Tweaks section, change any of the parameters.

  2. You can change the resolution of the generated textures using the Output Size drop down menu. Substances can be set to generate up to 8K. The Substance GPU engine is required for 8K output.