Target Settings

The Target Settings allow you to change resolution, format and compression settings for the Substance textures.

  1. Target Width and Height: Changes the resolution of the Substance textures.
  2. Lock Ratio: When enabled, the width and height of the texture are linked.  
  3. The Format allows you to change the compression type:


    RGBA Compressed DXT5

    RG Compressed BC5 (Normal)

    Compressed - No AlphaRGB Compressed DXT1 (Albedo)
    Raw RGBA 32 bit
    Raw - No AlphaRGB 24 bit

  4. High Quality Compression: Is not applicable in the 2018.1.0 release

Caching Behavior

As a ScriptableObject, the Substance in Unity plugin works with two types of texture caching. 

  1. If the Substance graph is not referenced in a script it will bake the textures and discard the Substance Graph data. 
  2. If the the Substance graph is referenced by a script, it will bake the textures and keep the Substance Graph data so the textures can be changed at runtime.