Substance Material Scripted Object

The Substance in Unity plugin is now a scriptable object in Unity.

Substance sbsar root (Substance Graph Manager) SGMAllows you to create and rename Substance material instances. This is the sbsar that is imported into your Unity project.
Substance Graph Object (SGO)Contains the Substance parameters, Generated Textures and Target Settings
Substance texture outputsTextures generated by the Substance Engine
MaterialA Unity material that defaults to the Standard Shader with the Substance textures as inputs.  A material is constructed from a graph (SGO) in the sbsar file.

Plugin Overview

Asset created in Unity ProjectSubstance Asset
Unity MaterialSame as the name of the graph(s) the Unity material is based on
Substance texture output

A Substance texture is set to a channel in the Unity Standard material based on the Usage setting for the Substance Output. The Usage is set in Substance Designer.

The texture name is a composite of graph name AND usage name (with both component being separated by the substring " - ".

Downloading the Substance Package

  1. Go to Window>Asset Store search for Substance in Unity to download and import the Substance package. 

Importing a Substance Material 

  1. Right-click in the Project window and choose Import Asset. 
  2. Browse for the Substance .sbsar file you would like to use. 
  3. The Substance material will be imported into your Unity project. You can then drag and drop the material on a mesh in the Scene view and then edit the parameters in the Inspector.

Changing Parameters

  1. Parameters and resolution can be set in the Inspector window. Please see Changing Parameters.