Unity 2017

Substance Source and Live Link enables the use of Substance Source materials directly in Unity as well as a live link to Substance Painter. Whether you are working in games, VFX or virtual reality, Substance delivers a unique experience with optimized features for enhanced productivity.

  • Access the Substance Source library: get over 1000 high-quality tweakable and export-ready 4K materials with presets. (Currently not available in Unity 2018 beta)

  • LiveLink with Substance Painter: Provides real-time updates within Unity scene as you texture in Substance Painter.

In Unity 2017 cycle the Substance plugin is a native integration. You can import a .sbsar file directly. In the 2018.1 release, the plugin is only available through the Unity Asset Store. For more information on the 2018.1 release, please read this FAQ. 

For Unity 2018.1 we will have Substance on the Unity Asset Store which contains the Substance engine, Live link and Substance Source. Currently the Asset Store package contains Live link and Source as in Unity 2017 the substance plugin is natively integrated in Unity. 


Importing a Substance

  1. Drag and drop or import the .sbsar file into the Unity Project. 
  2. A Unity material is created with the generated Substance textures. Drag the material to asset in the 3D view to apply.


Changing Parameters

  1. You can change the parameters in the Procedural Properties to update the textures in real time
  2. In the Generated Textures section, you can change the resolution of the textures, format and load behaviors.