Upgrading Projects/Known Issues

Substance materials that contain a custom output with a blank usage will break on import. Also, Substance materials containing duplicate usages will break.
Older sbsar files from GameTextures.com are not currently compatible with the Substance in Unity plugin. The GT materials that contain unsupported Usage outputs are breaking.

Before using the plugin, be sure to make a backup of your project.

Using the plugin with Unity 2019.2 will produce the following error:

InspectorSubstanceImporter.OnInspectorGUI must call ApplyRevertGUI to avoid unexpected behavior.

This error can be cleared and will not affect the functionality of the plugin

Follow these steps to upgrade from Unity 2017 to 2018.x / 2019.x. Upgrading Projects from Unity 2017.x or prior

  1. Open the Unity 2017 project with Unity 2018 and go through the Unity update process.
  2. Import the new Substance plugin package.
  3. Save the project/scene. This project is now updated all Substance materials for use in the new plugin architecture.