For rendering with Vray you can use maps exported from Substance Painter or the Substance plugin. In order to render with Vray from Substance Painter's default metal/rough shader, the Substance outputs will need to be converted to inputs that can be used with the Vray material. You will need the following maps:

  • Diffuse
  • Reflection
  • Glossiness
  • 1/IOR

These maps can only be converted from the metallic/roughness workflow which is the default workflow in both Substance Designer and Substance Painter. 

  1. Export maps from Substance Painter using the Vray preset to create the converted maps from metal/rough. 
  2. For custom Substances, you can use the basecolor_metallic_roughness converted node set to the Vray preset to create the custom outputs. 
  3. The current 3ds Max plugin contains a script to easily convert the Substance to a Vray material.
  4. In Maya, convert the Substance outputs in the shader graph or use a blended material with the metallic map as the mask.