Color Extraction and Material variations


1- Area to import your inspiration Image

2- Display the result of the color extraction

3- Color Extraction parameters

  • Number of colors to extract: Defines the number of colors extracted from the image (double-click numeric input to use value higher than default of 10)
  • Color Strategy:
    • Representative: Representative and noticeable colors
    • Purity: Saturated colors will be privileged
    • Brightness: Light and saturated colors
    • Lightness: Light and desaturated colors
    • Deepness: Dark and saturated colors
    • Darkness: Dark colors
  • Sort by hue: Sort the extracted colors by hue

4- Area to input materials or a collection that you want to generate variations

You need to import an image and a material/collection to be able to generate variations.

5- Generated variations listing. This is the area where you will get all your results. 

How colors are mapped to your material?

If your material has color parameters, the color extracted will directly modify the value of the color parameters. The first extracted color will be mapped to the first color parameter found, the second extracted color will be mapped to the second color parameter found, etc...

If your material doesn't have color parameters or if your material is created in Substance Alchemist, we do a segmentation per color of your material and then apply the extracted colors by color area. Like the previous case, the first extracted color will be mapped to the first color parameter found, etc...