You can Export your material or your collection by opening the export panel on the right bar or right-clicking on a collection folder.

Export Dialog

  1. Select which PBR outputs you want to export
  2. Select the format
    1. EXR
    2. JPG
    3. PNG
    4. SBS
    5. SBSAR
    6. TARGA
    7. TIFF
  3. Select the resolution of your outputs (or the embedded resolution in the .sbs and .sbsar file)
  4. Select the destination folder
  5. Name your material or your collection

You will know the disk space available on the disk you select and the estimate package size you're gonna export.

The bit depth is forced to 16 bits for the Normal and Height channels. The other channels are exported in 8/16 bits depending on your materials and the filters you used.

Export Queue

On the Export panel, you have access to the Export Queue system to follow the progress and get the folder link to go directly to your file explorer