Floating License

Floating licenses can be deployed in two different ways.

Using One File for Multiple Computers (recommended)

  1. Put the license.key in a shared mounted network
  2. Set the following environment variable to point to the license: SUBSTANCE_ALCHEMIST_LICENSE

The variable should point to the file. For example, if the license file is on H://allegorithmic/licenses/substance_alchemist.key, the variable data should be H://allegorithmic/licenses/substance_alchemist.key

The software should then launch without requiring any activation.

Using One License Per Computer

Install the license.key file on each computer, in the following folder:

Windows: C:/ProgramData/Allegorithmic/Substance Alchemist/license.key

MacOS: /Library/Application Support/Allegorithmic/Substance Alchemist/license.key

Linux: /opt/Allegorithmic/etc/Substance Alchemist/license.key

This method will require you to re-install the license files on each computer in the case of an update of the license in the future.

License System Configuration

Check Network Access to License Server

The floating license services uses the server leyfi-stats-staging.allegorithmic on HTTPS port (443).

If your network rules restrict internet access (because of a firewall, proxy, etc.), please contact your network administrator to allow this access.

Release Tokens When Idle

By default, Substance Alchemist releases tokens on a multi-user license if the software is idle for 2 hours.

You can change that length with the following environment variable (in seconds): ALLEGO_LICENSE_IDLE_DELAY