Layer Stack

The Layer stack is the place where you will stack your different filters and materials to get the result you want.


1- Save your current Layer Stack

  • If it's the first time you're saving your material, you will be asked to name it and select the library destination
  • If it's already a saved material, it will save on top of it. If you want to save a new version, press Ctrl + Shift + S

2- Create a new material

3- Import custom filters: see here how to create custom filters

4- Access the list of Ready-to-use filters: list available here

5- Delete a layer


ActionsHow to

Drag and Drop directly a material or an image

Use Filters icon to open the list and add the filter of your choice


Click and drag to move a layer. When moving a layer, a bar can be visible which indicates where the layer will be put.

DeleteClick on the layer to select it and press Suppr or use the bin icon
HideClick directly on the eye icon to hide it and click on it again to make it visible
Open PropertiesClick on the layer to open its properties panel