Moss Splatter


As you would expect, the Moss Splatter Layer will add Moss over your material according to specific parameters.


How to use it?

  • Add a Moss splatter Layer
  • Adjust the spread, the scale and the color to get the desired effect

When to use it?

The Moss Splatter Layer can be used to add vegetal moss on a material, according to the relief. You can stack multiple layers of  Moss Splatter.


Growth Method: The Growth Method is used to choose the way the moss will grow. You can choose between 3 modes :

  • Directional
  • From Top
  • From Bottom

Spread: Defines the quantity of moss spread
Moss Scale: Defines the moss scale
Moss Color: Define the moss color
Growth Precision: Definition the precision of the spread
Covering Power: Defines the covering power of the moss
Growth Variation: Add variation inside the spread area

Prevent Growth On Edge: When switched, permits to prevent moss growth on the bottom material edges

Edge Tolerance: Defines the tolerance threshold for where the edges are