As you would expect, the Rust layer will add rust over your material according to specific parameters.


How to use it?

  • Add a Rust Layer
  • Adjust the Rust spreading and the varnish damage to get the wanted effect

When to use it?

  • On top of a material


Rust Spreading: Defines the quantity of rust spread

Spreading Smoothness: Permits to smooth the spread area

Varnish Damage Scale: Defines the size of the varnish peal on borders. It needs to be adjusted according to the Varnish Peel Elevation.

Varnish Peel Elevation: Defines the varnish peel height

Edge Wear: Defines the damage intensity over material edges

Rust Age Shift: Permits to shift the way the rust is getting old. The Rust layer has an age feature that affects the material.

Drips Intensity: Defines the quantity of rust leaks

Drips orientation: Defines the leaking orientation of drips