Technical Issues

This page regroups common known issues or questions related to Substance Alchemist.

Why is the Delighter missing from the filter list?

The Delighter filter requires specific hardware. Verify you respect the minimum requirements by looking at the Technical Requirements.

The application crash when using the Delighter filter

The delighter filter requires a lot of available VRAM (at least 1Go). If you have a GPU Card with only 2Go of VRAM available and working in 2K/4K resolution, we won't be able to allocate enough memory to execute the filter and it occurs a crash.

The application crash when exporting a material

Crash at export can occur when exporting a material created in Substance Alchemist. This crash can be the result of a lack of VRAM available on the GPU when launching the export process (especially with materials using the delighter filter).

The Substance Alchemist interface is transparent.

Deactivate the FXAA anti-aliasing setting in the drivers of your GPU card and restart Substance Alchemist.

The fonts are not displayed correctly.

If you're on Windows 10 Enterprise and use the Block Untrusted Fonts feature, you can follow this tutorial to exclude Substance Alchemist of the list of untrusted apps for untrusting font blocking.

Materials are missing after upgrading from the beta version to the 2019.1 release

Content produced with the beta version 0.8.1 or older is not compatible with version 2019.1 or newer. However, nothing is lost and this data can still be accessed by launching version 0.8.1. Content created with 0.8.1 and 2019.1 are separated. Working on one version won't affect the other.