Version 2019.1

Substance Alchemist 2019.1 "Sesame" lets you share your assets with its new project management. The layer stack has been completely rebuild to improve the workflow. Additional controls and information have been added to the viewport. A new version of our delighter improves the quality and accuracy of your materials.

Release date: 4 November 2019

Note: Content produced with the beta version 0.8.1 or older is not compatible with version 2019.1. However nothing is lost and this data can still be accessed by launching version 0.8.1.

Major Features

New Welcome Screen

Substance Alchemist now has a welcome screen that allows you to quickly jump on your latest project but also to create new ones. The welcome screen also provides a few links to our existing platforms, such as Substance Academy.

Project Management

Version 2019.1 introduce the notion of projects, which can gather material collections. Projects can also be exported to be shared to other computers.

To learn more about projects, see: Project Management.

New Delighter

We improved our delighter, which is used to remove shadows from your photos. It now preserves details and the original colors of the various surfaces which should improve the accuracy of the generated materials.

New Layer Stack

The Layer Stack has been rebuild from scratch to expand its possibilities and actions. Notable changes are:

  • Materials and Masks can now be accessed directly via their dedicated icon
    When adding a material in the layer stack, it will now have a new mask icon. Clicking on this second icon will display the blending parameters of the material.

  • Blend mode can be directly changed from the toolbar
    From now on, when a Material layer is selected, its blending mode can be changed directly from the Layer Stack toolbar, without the need to click on the mask.

  • Assign bitmap to specific Scan inputs
    When imported bitmap to create your materials from scan, you can assign the right usage per bitmap.

Viewport Improvements

A few new features have been added to the viewport which improve its usage. These new settings can be accessed in the Viewer Settings.

  • Camera mode
    The camera projection mode allows to choose between Perspective and Orthographic.

  • Camera field of view
    You can now change the viewport's camera Field of View (FOV). Adjusting this value can help the visualizing realistically your materials. The Field of View  can only be controlled when in Perspective projection mode.

  • Resolution and bit depth per channel
    The 2D view now displays the texture resolution and bit depth of each channel.

Release Notes

2019.1 Sesame

(Released November 04, 2019)


  • [Project] Creation of a project
  • [Project] Introduction of the .alch file format that contains project data
  • [Project] Export a .alch project containing the collections and their materials
  • [Project] Import a .alch project
  • [Project] Open recent projects
  • [Welcome Screen] A welcome screen is displayed at the launch
  • [Welcome Screen] Create a project from the welcome screen
  • [Welcome Screen] Access the list of all your projects in the welcome screen
  • [Welcome Screen] Quick links to access the documentation, the about popup and license management
  • [File Menu] Integration of a file Menu
  • [File Menu] Access the project commands from the File tab and the save of the layer stack
  • [File Menu] Access the undo and redo commands from the Edit tab
  • [File Menu] The previous help menu moved in the file menu under the Help tab
  • [Layers] New architecture of the layer stack
  • [Layers] New UI of the layer stack
  • [Layers] Select the blend mode directly on the toolbar
  • [Layers] Access separately the blend parameters and the material parameters
  • [Layers] Add materials directly in dedicated inputs of the Splatter filter in the layer stack
  • [Layers] Change scan order directly in the Image import layer
  • [Viewport] Control of the camera field of view
  • [Viewport] Possibility to switch between orthographic or perspective camera
  • [Viewport] Display resolution and bit depth information for each channel
  • [Resources] Base Materials is opened per default
  • [Cache] Locate your thumbnail cache folder
  • [Cache] Locate your render cache folder
  • [Panels] Material Settings panel is temporarily hidden
  • [Workflow] Specular/Glossiness temporarily deactivated
  • [MacOS] Catalina OS version notarization
  • [Content] New version of the Delighter filter
  • [Content] New Image Content Aware Fill filter
  • [Content] New Material Content Aware Fill filter
  • [Content] Transform filter has a safe transform option


  • All previous bugs related to Create are invalid today with new UI and architecture release
  • Tooltips don't hide the icons in the top bar (3D, 2D, 2D/3D)
  • [Content] Splatter filter accepts Atlas with complete height map
  • [Content] Transform filter works on images (scan1, scan2,...)

Known Issues:

  • Use of multiple delighters in one material is not recommended
  • Delighter crashes with older NVIDIA drivers (Less than 400.x)
  • Coma or point can be ignored when typing a specific value in a slider
  • Normal to Height filter can crash on MacOS