Setup and Getting Started


By default the installer will install the batch tools and the python package to:

C:\Program Files\Allegorithmic\Substance Automation Toolkit\

The example files will be installed to

C:\Users\<User>\Documents\Substance Automation Toolkit\

In order to install the python package, run 

C:\Program Files\Allegorithmic\Substance Automation Toolkit\Python API\pysbs.<version>.bat

It will use the pip package system for the python version that is in the path. For more control, you can look at the batch file and edit it to make sure the right python installation is used. This requires python and pip to be in your PATH environment variable. For more details around installing the python API refer to Getting started

In order to learn more about how to use the tools, visit the samples and integration page


By default the installed package will end up in

/Applications/Substance Automation Toolkit/

The example files will be in 

/Applications/Substance Automation Toolkit/samples

Since this is an read only location, you ideally want to copy them to your user directory and run them from there

In order to install the python package, refer to Getting started


The linux package is a tar.gz archive. You can unzip it wherever you find it convenient.

The samples will be in the "samples" sub directory and the python api in the "Python API" subdirectory.

In order to install the python package, refer to Getting started

Custom installation

For any platform, it's possible to move the installation or extract the SAT package wherever you want. In this case, you must precise the SAT install location with the SAT_INSTALL_PATH environment variable.