Change log

Newest API Change log.


[Feature] Support for 2018.3 file format
[Feature] Support for 32 bpp in the CPU engine
[Feature] Support for manipulating color space information in SBS and SBSAR files
[Feature] Support for DXR optimizated Ambient Occlusion baking on Windows machines with modern GPU's


[Feature]: Support for 2018.2 sbs format
[Fix]: Cleaned up log handling
[Fix]: Deprecated inconsistently named functions
[Fix]: Added more helpful error message when loading sbs file of incompatible version[SBSCooker] Implicit transform are performed before FX-Map nodes
[SBSBaker] Added support for enumarating udims through the info command
[SBSBaker] Fixed issue with curvature baker when baking udims
[SBSBaker] Fixed issue with info command when using obj files


[Feature]: Support for 2018.1 sbs format
[Feature]: Added support for setting up UDIM's in sbs files
[Feature]: Added autograph library for creating pixel processors/dynamic functions more conveniently (previously available as the sbsmath library among the samples)
[Feature]: Added support for automatically laying out graphs
[Feature]: Added API support for getting all inputs of a graph
[Feature]: Added support for deleting ui elements such as frames, comments and navigation pins
[Feature]: Added support for reframing a frame around nodes that has moved
[Fix]: Added support for loading sbsar files using new compression settings
[Fix]: Find the good dependency when its uid is not provided in the CompInstance path
[Fix]: Added support for controlling the Alpha Channel of the normal nodeBatch tools:
[SBSCooker] Implicit transform are performed before FX-Map nodes
[SBSCooker] Fix Blend color blending mode being misread from SBSAR
[SBSBaker] Fixed bugs related to providing bake settings as a json file
[Render] Fix memory budget detection and setting
[Baker] Use best_speed png compression in sbsbaker
[Baker] Support both --uv-tile and --udim
[Render] Support both --uv-tile and --udim
[Render] sbscooker generate error when a resource or the file pointer by it has not been found
[Library] Added 3d noises and masking nodes
[Library] Updates and fixes


Updated pysbs to support Substance Designer 2017.2 format
UDIM baking support in sbsbaker
MDL support in pysbs
New batch tools dedicated to MDL and AXF
Automatic detection of image sizes when importing images in pysbs for known file formats


Added Pixel Processor Ray Tracer Sample
Corrected issue around opengl3 engine not being bundled with mac and linux
Added support for calling batch processors as python commands
Corrected issues with pixel processor node type checking
Removed dependency on cffi library (to make it easier to load pysbs in different python environments)


Added engines to the plugin directory for gpu optimized rendering.
Added texture_mat demo
Corrected linux command line generation issue in texturing template demo


Initial public release