Pysbs in Maya

Installing pysbs for Maya requires some manual work since pip is not supported.

  • Manually unzip the python package in a location of your choice.
  • Edit Maya.env (see here) adding the directory to the PYTHONPATH environment variable.
    Note that the path should be the path to the directory in which the pysbs directory is located
    The line would look something like this:
  • Start maya. In order to verify that the installation is successful, open a python script editor and enter
       from pysbs import sbsenum
  • If you don't get an error the installation is a success and you can start using pysbs functions from inside of Maya


In order to use pysbs from mayapy you need to follow the steps above. Before calling any functions you also need to run the lines below to make sure Maya.env is loaded.

import maya.standalone