Installation for Adobe Enterprise Users

This guide is aimed at helping Adobe Enterprise users to get access to their Substance Source downloads.

If you are an Adobe Enterprise customer and you have questions that are not answered in this doc please contact the Adobe Enterprise support here.

If you are a Substance individual or pro user and have questions on Substance Source, please create a topic on the Substance Source section of the forum and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Adobe Enterprise users can be entitled to the Substance Bundle through the Adobe Admin Console. The Substance Bundle is comprised of the Substance Desktop Applications plus access to 30 Assets/Month/License seat from Substance Source.

The screenshot of the Admin Console shows cards for both the Substance Bundle and the Substance Source – Unlimited Assets Licenses.


Substance Source Bundle

The Substance Bundle is comprised of the Substance Desktop Applications plus access to 30 Assets / Month / License seat from Substance Source. In the Admin Console, an organization admin can assign a user to one of the licenses. Once a user is assigned a license, access to the 30 Substance Source assets per month will be automatically delegated to the assigned user.

Substance Source Unlimited

For the Substance Source Unlimited product, any user that has been added to the org automatically has access. There is no need to specifically delegate a license to a specific user. All users in an org are auto-delegated. In the Admin Console, an admin can view all of the users in an organization. 

In this screenshot of an organization’s user, the Substance Source Unlimited icon next to the user’s account indicates that the user has been auto-delegated this license.

This auto-delegation for Substance Source Unlimited Assets assumes that the user in the organisation has some other type of Adobe entitlement. If the user you wish to have access to Substance Source Unlimited Assets does not have any other Adobe entitlement, please refer to the Adding Entitlement using CCE Free section below.


To access the Substance Source Assets provided with the license delegation, a user must go to the Substance Source website.

Login Process

To access the entitled assets, a delegated user must login to the Substance Source web portal. Once the user has selected the Login functionality in the upper right hand portion of the navigation bar of the web portal, the Login Screen will appear.

Adobe users need to select the Login with Adobe widget:

After using the Adobe credentials to authenticate, you will be asked to Select An Account :

To access the assets of an enterprise organization, choose the Company or School Account option. This will place the user into the entitled Enterprise Account for the organization.

ORG Selection

Now that the user has been authenticated into the proper enterprise account, the user will now have to select the correct profile from the User Profile drop down menu. This selection is necessary as a user can be part of multiple organizations that each has different asset pooling and profiles.

From this menu, select the organization profile that the user wishes to display. Once selected, the user navigation bar should now properly display the pooled number of available assets for the profile.


For users entitled to the Substance Bundle, assets are pooled across the organization. This number of pooled assets is based upon the number of licenses of the Substance Bundle.

For example, if an organization has 10 Licenses to the Substance Bundle which provides 30 Assets per month per license, then the number of pooled assets for the organization will be 300 per month (10 licenses * 30 assets / month / license):

  • All entitled users in the org have access to pull from the total number of pooled assets. Once an entitled user has used a point by downloading a new asset, this asset will now be available.
  • The number of available pooled assets is displayed in the upper right hand portion of the navigation bar.
  • Since the Substance Bundle provides licensed customers with 30 Assets per month, each organization will receive an additional pool of assets per month based upon the number of licenses.
  • The number of pooled assets is accumulative. They do not expire.
  • Each month of the subscription, the amount of pooled assets will grow based upon the number of licenses and the previous month’s available assets will rollover.

In this screenshot, the number 15000 pts indicates the available pool of assets that can be downloaded by the organization. As assets are downloaded, the pool is decremented.


To view the assets that an organization has downloaded, an organization user can access the “Organization Assets” selection in the user navigation bar at the upper right hand corner of the web portal.

This will display to the user the assets that all the users in the organization have downloaded. In the Organization Assets view, the user can also choose to display Assets I Bought or Assets Others Bought :


To view the number of available assets for an organization, an entitled user must login to the Substance Source web portal, where the number of available pooled assets is displayed in the navigation bar. Usage statistics are not available in the Admin Console at this time.