Anisotropic Noise

Anisotropic Noise

In: Generators/Noises



This generates a stretched noise. It is one of the Noises with a higher number of parameters, making it a little trickier to use. Keep in mind that the stretch effect is mostly determined by the proportions between the X and Y amount.

A very useful node for creating grain-type patterns (like wood grain).


  • X Amount: 1 - 512
    Amount of X-repetitions of the pattern. By default this is set very low compared to the Y, leading to the stretch. Reduce it even further to get less X-axis variation.
  • Y Amount: 1 - 512
    Amount of Y-repetitions of the pattern. This determines the amount of "stripes".
  • Y Amount By Resolution: False/True
    Ties the Y-amount to the node resolution. Useful for keeping scale when you want to go bigger; avoids having to manually change the Y-amount.
  • Rotate: False/True
    Rotates the entire effect 90 degrees. X becomes Y and vice versa.
  • Smoothness: 0.0 - 1.0
    Controls the additional anisotropic (motion) blur over the X-axis. Recommended not to reduce it unless the X-amount is 1.
  • Smoothness Interpolation: 0.0 - 1.0
    Additional control for the smoothness, with minor influence on the stretch length.
  • Non Square Expansion: False/True
    Enables compensation of squash and stretch with non-square ratios.

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