General Preferences

Recent Documents 

This allows you to select the number of documents to list in the Recent Documents entry of the File Menu.

Default: 10

History stack size

This indicates the number of Undo levels. The more levels of Undo you need, the more memory Substance Designer will require.

Default: 200


Allows to change the language used in Substance Designer.

You can choose from English, Japanese or Korean.

Changing the language will take effect after restarting Substance Designer


This allows you to invert the Zoom control.


Save/Export Path 

This gives you the option to choose whether you want the Save/Export path to remember the last path, or to always default to the path of the package.

Temporary Folder

(New in Substance Designer 2017.1) Defines the temporary location to store data before a project is manually saved.

Thumbnails and Image cache sizes

This allows you to set and visualize the cache size allocated to thumbnails and images

Auto Backup

This sets options for the automatic backup.

You can define the frequency and the number of versions saved as a backup.

Note that if the maximum amount of versions is reached, newer backups will delete the oldest backups. 


Defines the Cooking size limit, which is the maximum pixel resolution permitted for the nodes in a graph.

As a Substance material's output is always a square of 2, the value set here defines both the maximum width and height, in pixels.

The default value is 4096 pixels.


The Engine cache limit setting lets you define how much memory Substance Designer should set aside for caching render stages.

Usually, the renderer will cache the output of each node in a Substance graph.

A complex graph may have over a hundred nodes, which will require more memory than a smaller, simpler graph. 


If checked, Designer will automatically send usage statistics to Allegorithmic.