Graph parameters

A graph has several parameters that you can modify.

You can find those parameters by clicking in the graphs: parameters will be then displayed in the Parameters view.

Base Parameters

Output Size

This parameter allows you to chose the size of the graph. Read more about the Output Size.

Output Format

Allows to chose either 8 bits per channel or 16 bits per channel.

Pixel Size

Defines the ratio of the pixel size. We recommend to let it to 1.

Tiling Mode

Defines the tiling mode of the substance:

  • No Tiling
  • Horizontal Tiling
  • Vertical Tiling

Both horizontal and vertical tiling

Random Seed

Defines the default value of the Random Seed.



This is the name of the graph. An identifier must be unique (you can't have 2 graphs with the same Identifier in the same package). The Identifier is used as the graph's name in the Explorer. 

You can use only the following characters for the Identifier: A-Z, 1-9, @$%[{]}_-

Output(s) Computation

This parameter is set to Yes by default.

If you don't want any output, set this parameter to No.

Setting the parameter to No can be useful when there are several graphs in one package, and you do not want some of those graphs to be displayed in the .SBSAR.


This is the description of the graph. this description is used by the Library and some substance compatible software.


You can this field to put your graph in a category.


In many Substance compatible software, the label is used instead of the Identifier to display the name of the graph. A label is not unique, and can contain kind of characters.

If you rename a graph in the Explorer (right-click -> Rename), you may also think about changing the label!


You should use this field to put the name of the author.

Author URL

You can put a URL to reference the author.


You can use this field to add your own tags.

User Data

You can use this field to add your own information.

Show in Library

Will define if this graph has to be shown in the SD library (if the saved substance or Substance package is placed in an accessible place.


This option allows you to put an icon that will be used by the Library.

The icon is saved only for .SBS file. If you publish a .SBSAR, the icon is dismissed.

Visibility & computation for sbsar...

When it comes to sbsar the settings of outputs computation & Show in Library, you can refer to this:

Compute True + show True = visible in the library
Compute True + show False = invisible in the library, but visible anywhere else (you can drag& drop in the explorer or in another graph)
Compute False + show True = invisible everywhere (including the library)

Input Parameters

All the parameters which have been exposed are listed here, and can be reordered.

The  icon allows you to see the parameters in a preview mode.

Read how to expose a parameter.

Input Images

In this part, all the Input images (Color Input and Greyscale Input nodes) are listed.

You can reorder them by drag&drop.

Output Images

In this part, all the outputs of the graph are listed.

You can reorder them by drag&drop.