New Substance Wizard

Click on Add a new Substance in the main menu, and the following wizard will appear:

Graph Template:

A template sets different outputs in the Graph Outputs part.

You can add your own templates in the Project Preferences.

Graph Properties:

Graph name: Fulfill the "Graph Name" field with the name of your graph. Note that you can change this later on.

Size mode:

You can use 2 size modes in Substance Designer

  • Relative to Parent
  • Absolute

Please refer to the Output Size page for more information.

Width / Height:

Those 2 fields are editable only in Absolute size mode.

They define the resolution of the substance. Note that the resolution can be changed later on.

In "Relative to Parent" size mode, the default size when creating a substance is set to 256.



This field define the number of bits per channel:

  • Relative to Parent
  • 8 bits per channel
  • 16 bits per channel


Graph Outputs

This part displays the outputs available in your graph, according to the template you choose.

Please note that you can at any moment add or remove some outputs once your graph is created.