Normal To Height HQ

Normal To Height HQ

In: Filters/Normal Map



A reverse-conversion node that attempts to convert a tangent-space Normalmap back into a Heightmap. This is the more advanced node; Normal to Height has less options and uses different calculations.

Useful for when you only have a Normalmap source, yet still want to perform operations combining it with a Heightmap. Keep in mind that this will never be able to provide a 100% correct result, as information is lost by nature of the process when Height is converted to Normal. It can never replace a properly generated Heightmap!


  • Normal FormatDirectX, OpenGL
    Switches between different Normalmap formats (inverts the green channel).
  • Relief Balance0.0 - 1.0
    Blends between low and high frequency bias.
  • Height Intensity0.0 - 1.0
    Intensity or multiplier for the Heightmap, works a bit like global opacity.
  • Height NormalizeFalse/True
    Automatically scales the Heightmap range to use full contrast, like an auto-levels.
  • QualityNormal, High
    Switches between speed or quality.

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