Plane Light

Plane Light

In: 3D View/HDRI Tools



Generates a spherically projected plane shape. The plane can be placed and oriented in 3d using the input parameters. 

It differs from the simpler Shape Light in that it has more advanced placement options outside of simpler Distance from origin projection, and more patterns and masks can be applied, similar to Line Light.


  • Background Image InputColor Input
    Optional background onto which to compose the generated light.
  • Shape Image InputColor Input
    Optional image to map onto Line light. Only used when Shape Color Mode is set to Image Input.
  • Pattern Image InputGrayscale Input
    Custom pattern image, used when the "Pattern" parameter is set to "Image Input".


  • Position ModeGround / Ceiling, Distance from Origin, World Positions
    Select from three different placement modes. Ground/Ceiling and Distance from Origin support manipulation in the 2D view, World positions can only be changed through properties, but does support more exact placement.
  • Show Ground GridFalse/True
    Helper function to enable a debug ground grid to be drawn. Helps estimate position of lines in space.
  • Position Coordinates
    • Up Vector: Z Up, Y Up
      Only with World Position mode, determine orientation of coordinate system.
    • Plane UV Position:
      Only with Ground / Ceiling and Distance from Origin. Sets plane position in UV space.
    • Plane World Position: -2.0 - 2.0
      Only with World Positions mode. Sets plane position world space. No 2D view interaction supported.
    • Plane Absolute Height: 0.0 - 1.0
      Only with Ground / Ceiling Position Mode, sets absolute height from ceiling. Use Show Ground Grid to estimate position better.
    • Distance from Origin: 0.0 - 1.0
      Only with Distance from Origin Position Mode. Sets distance from panorama center for both points.
  • Shape Color Mode: RGB, Temperature (Kelvin), Image Input
    Choose what method to use to set shape color. Image Input enables use of the second input slot.
  • Color: (Color value)
    Only with Shape Color Mode set to RGB. Picks color for shape.
  • Temperature: 800.0 - 20000.0
    Only with Shape Color Mode set to Temperature. Sets Kelvin value for shape color.
  • Shape Image UV Mode: Stretch, Stretch Middle only, Repeat + Spacing
    Only with Shape Color Mode set to Image Input. Sets how image is applied to the line shape, determines UV repetition behaviour.
  • Shape Image Repeat Spacing: 0.0 - 1.0
    Only with Shape Color Mode set to Image Input and with UV Mode set to Repeat + Spacing. Sets amount of spacing when image repeats along line.
  • Shape Image Gamma: sRGB, Linear
    Only with Shape Color Mode set to Image Input. Determine how to interpret Shape Image Input.
  • Exposure (EV): 0.0 - 10.0
    Set exposure value for generated shape, Ideally matched to background image exposure value.
  • Plane Scale: 0.0 - 1.0
    Set uniform scale of the Plane shape.
  • Plane Size: 0.0 - 1.0
    Set non-uniform size of the Plane shape.
  • Plane Rotation: 0.0 - 1.0
    Rotate Plane along its central axis.
  • Pattern: Smooth Square, Sharp Square, Cone, Hemisphere, Image Input
    Select what pattern shape to use.
  • Pattern Hardness: 0.0 - 1.0
    Set hardness/contrast for pattern.
  • Pattern UV Mode: Stretch, Stretch Middle only
    Set how to use secondary pattern mask, applied on top of Shape Image.
  • Enable Ground Clipping: False/True
    Enable if Plane can be clipped by a ground plane, or is still shown when going below it. Use Show Ground Grid to better estimate this.
  • Ground Height: -2.0 - 0.0
    Adjust ground height for clipping.
  • Enable Backgound InputFalse/True
    Toggles use of optional background image. Composites generated light on top of background.
  • Background Color(Color value)
    If Background Input is not used, set a solid color background value here.
  • Background GammasRGB, Linear
    If Background Input is used, set how to interpret Background input.

Example Images