Parameters are displayed contextually to affect the currently active element.

Therefore, the parameters for each element is described in the relevant section of the documentation.

The UI control elements


Let's the user control the value by moving the slider left/right:

The user can also double-click on the slider to enter the value via the keyboard:

If the slider is not clamped, you can enter a value beyond the default scope of the slider. For example in the gif just above, the value 3 is entered whereas the default displayed values were between 0 and 1


Lets the user define an angle value, whether in turns (between 0 and 1) or degrees (between 0 and 360)

You can use at your convenience the widget on the left or one of the two sliders on the right:


Color panel

Available with Float1, Float3 and Float4

The color picker on the top left lets you pick any color on your screen:

  • Just click on the icon
  • Place the color on the desired color
  • Click again

You are not restricted to SD window limits to pick a color: you can pick it everywhere, even on a second monitor if you have one.

The sRGB button, lets you choose if the color is displayed in sRGB or linear.

The Float button, let's you switch from 0-255 referential value to 0-1 referential value

you can choose the value directly via the slider(s) on the right, or by clicking on the color bar 

For RGBA color bar, you can only set the Hue and the value (not the saturation)


Available with a boolean parameter.

Quite self-explanative, you just have to click on the button to switch the state.

The current state name is displayed on the button.

Drop down list

Available with Integer1

Let's you choose between the different available options.

Size Power of 2

Available with Integer2

Created to corresponds to the size of a texture and respect the power of 2 rules.

The formula is 2^x = pixel size (where x = the chosen value)


Available with float4

Corresponds to the matrix4 used in the Transform2D node


Available with the string parameter type

Lets you enter some text.