Sub-Graphs / Instances

Including other graphs in your own graph

As we saw earlier, Substances can contain other Substances and need not always be completely independent, or even standalone entities. You might build a Substance that performs a particular process you’d like to use in other Substances. Or perhaps you’ve created a particularly useful pattern or noise that you’d like to use as an input in other Substances.

To use another Substance in your own Substance, simply drag&drop the .sbs Package in the graph.


An Instance Node represents a sub-graph. Any Substance can be instanced in this way; there are no special requirements, although some graphs are more suited to being used in this way than others.

Instanced Substances appear as a red node like the example shown above. The original Substance’s name appears above the node. The number and type of input and output nodes will match the instanced Substance’s own Input and Output nodes.

Any changes made to the Instance’s Parameters will affect only the Substance that instance is in.

You can create an Instance by simply dragging and dropping a Substance’s graph from the Packages panel or the Library.