The Explorer

The Explorer view shows all the resources involved in your substance(s) creation.

It composed of one main panel and two secondary (hidden) panels:

  • User's Packages
  • Dependencies
  • Information

User's Packages

The User's packages panel displays all the resources used and generated by each package (which are your sbs files).

As can notice the resources are organized following this hierarchy:

  • Package
    • Graph
      • Outputs
      • Resources (folder)
        • Resources, (bitmaps, meshes, etc...)
  • Other Package
    • etc...

Don't forget that you can store multiple graphs inside a package.

This is extremely handy to organize your projects whether you want to gather multiple graph around a specific theme (ex: ", or to split your work into different sub-graphs.


As you have seen above, a package contains all the needed resources.

Create a package

The is different ways to create a package:

  • Right click on the explorer then "New package"
  • Or choose "New Substance" in the "" menu

Package options (right-click)

Right-clicking on a package gives you access to the complete list of options:

Creating new contents

All the resources you can create are accessible through this menu:

You can create the following resources:

Introduced in SD 2017.1, creating a new 3D scene from a primitive allows you to configure a specific setup for this primitive, that you can call back whenever you want.

Import Resources

Importing options are under this menu:

You can import the following types of resources:

Link Resources

Linking options are located under the following menu:

You can link the following types of resources:


This reloads the package, without unsaved changes.

Save/Save As

Use it to save the package.

As star (*will be displayed next to the package if some changes have not been saved.


Don't forget to save your package when you see this *, to not lose your work when you close Substance Designer!


Will publish your package as a sbsar standalone file.

Export to Substance Share

This menu contains gives you the ability to upload your work to the Substance Share website.

The submenu let you choose to either export the sbsar or the sbsar and the sbs:

More information about Substance Share export here. (link to add)

Export with dependencies

exports the packages with all the necessary dependencies, to the chosen location.

Use this option if you want to share or relocate your SBS while making sure to get all the necessary resources to work properly.


Deprecated: you cannot copy a package


Use this option to paste the last copied package resource.


To close a package and remove it from the Explorer.

Compute Outputs

Use this to refresh the outputs in the Explorer

Show in Explorer/Finder

(This works only for packages which have been saved at least once)

Show the .sbs file in the Explorer/Finder OS System.


Open the Dependencies panel.


A graph is automatically added to your package when you click on the Add a Substance icon in the main toolbar.

If you wish to create new graph by yourself, you can do it by right clicking on a package and chose New/Graph.

Double-click on a graph to display it in the Graph View.

When you right-click on a graph, the following actions are possible:


will open the graph in the graph view


Copy The Graph into the memory buffer

You can paste a graph by right-clicking a package and select "Paste"

You can paste a graph either on the same package to duplicate it (will be named "graphName_1"), or on a different package.


After confirmation, will delete the graph.


Use this option to rename the graph

View Outputs

View outputs of the current graph in the 3D viewport.

Compute Outputs

Recompute the outputs of the current graph

Export Outputs

Open the Export Images window. (Add link here)


This opens a new Explorer tab with just the graph inside.


The Explorer shows all the resources which are used in your graph:

  • Bitmap files
  • PSD files
  • Vector graphics files
  • 3D Mesh files

A resource can either be Imported or Linked (Except for 3D Meshes which can only be linked).

By right-clicking on a 3D Mesh, you can have access to the baking options. Just click on "Bake Model information.

More information in the Baking Tools section

Play the Substance within Substance Player

Click on the icon  to launch Substance Player and play with your graph, as if it were a .sbsar file.

If your have added some animation parameters to your graph, the only way to vizualize them is by previewing them in Substance Player.


You can display/hide the Dependencies panel by clicking on this icon  at the bottom of the Explorer.


You can display/hide the Information panel by clicking on this icon  at the bottom of the Explorer.

This panel shows all the needed information about the selected package or resource.

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