The Performance Profiler

You can enable a profiler in the graph view in order to profile performances of your graph, by clicking on the Profiler icon in the Graph toolbar: 

The data provided by the performance profiler a related to the power of your computer, meaning that performances may change on the computer.

Always think of reviewing your substances on the hardware it is supposed to be used by the final user.

The profiler displays below each node its computation time by the engine you are using (SSE2, DirectX9, etc.).

Reset All

Reset all the timings & Flush the cache

Reset Timings

Reset all the timings

The profiler has the following limitations:

  • Switch nodes are not handled, meaning the longest computing time will be displayed below an instance with switch nodes.
  • A few ms are necessary to start the engine at each computation. When a graph has several nodes you will not see the difference, however when your graph contains only 1 or 2 nodes you may see a few ms difference between each computation.