For information about the creation and usage of variables nodes, please refer the Variables Nodes section.


If you have little knowledge in programming, you may be familiar with the concept of variable.

If not, here is a simple definition:

A variable, is just a "container" with a specific name that contains a value.

You can use the value contained in a variable by calling it with its name.

Types of variables

In SUbstance Designer you have two families of variables : numerics and booleans.

Numeric variables

Numeric variables are basically numbers. But we make a clear distinction between two types of numbers:

  • Integers : 0  |  1  |  -1  |  203568 , etc...
  • Floats: 0.23  |  1.0  | -0.3546 | etc...

Substance Designer makes a clear distinctions between integers and floats : by default you can't operate them together.

Fortunately, you can use the To Integer or To Float nodes to perform type conversions.

Multiple numeric values in the same variable

Depending on your needs, you can accumulate up to to 4 numeric values inside the same variable.

Once again all the values have to be from the same type.

To do so, you have the choice between all these numeric values :


A Boolean is a pure binary value, meaning that it's value can only be True or False (you can also say 0 or 1).