What is Substance Designer?

Short answer :

"Substance Designer is a node-based tool, dedicated to the authoring of materials."

This sentence describes what Substance Designer is at its core, but more explanation is necessary to understand why it is considered by many professionals to be the standard tool for game texturing, and 3D texturing in general.

An Innovative Workflow

The node-based workflow and the procedural aspect of Substance Designer fit perfectly with the reality of 3D production.

  • You can work in a nonlinear way, meaning that you can make any change you want to at any time, and this automatically applies to all outputs of your material. It is no longer necessary, as was the case with older 3D tools, to undo (and lose) a great number of steps in your work history in order to make a single modification;
  • The workflow is nondestructive: you may reverse any action you carry out without losing any of your work - there is no longer a sense of "I can't get back to that point.";
  • Substance Designer has blazing fast baking tools, to generate all the maps you needs from your mesh.

Simply put, no other material authoring software offers you this efficiency and flexibility.

Innovative Results

Substance Designer is a software tool that allows you to build 'smart' texture generators (called Substance materials).

By 'smart', we mean that:

  • you can decide which aspect of the generated textures you want to control (for example, the amount of rust present on a painted metal material);
  • the generated textures will take into account the shape of the geometry (for example, you can only add snow on top of your objects);
  • you can reuse the Substance material for any other 3D objects, and get a unique, custom result;
  • All the generated textures (Base Color, Normal, etc.) are generated and handled simultaneously.

Not only do you save a huge amount of production time, as you carry out the work once and reuse it everywhere, but you also increase the variety and flexibility of your work.

Compatible With Any Game Engine

Substance Designer lets you create your own templates, making it compatible with any game engine on the market, or your own in-house engine.

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