Substance Painter

Substance Painter is a 3D painting software allowing you to texture and render your 3D meshes.

This documentation is designed to help you learn how to use Substance Painter, from basic to advanced techniques.

If you have any question that is not answered in this manual feel free to ask on our Forum. You can also download our Physically Based Rendering guide if you wish to learn more about PBR.

Getting Started
  • License ActivationThis page describes how to activate the software or how to install a license file.
  • TutorialsRecommended tutorials for getting started with Substance Painter.
  • Project CreationThe new project creation window allows to create a Substance Project to store the 3D mesh and its texturing.
  • ExportExport a project as bitmap texture files.
  • GlossaryThis page lists the most common keywords used by the application alongside a short explanation of the concept behind it.
  • PerformanceThis page regroups tips and tricks on how to maximize performances and make things run smoothly.
  • Technical RequirementsThis page regroups system requirements and hardware compatibility information.

Painting Tools
  • Tool ListThis page details all the painting tool available and how to use them.
  • Straight LineThe Straight Line is an easy way of drawing a line with any painting tool with less clicks and more precision.
  • Lazy MouseThe Lazy Mouse is a distance offset between the mouse cursor and the actual painting which allows to paint more precise or smooth strokes.
  • SymmetrySymmetry is the action of painting in multiple locations at the same time based on geometric constraints.
  • PresetsPresets are saved configurations of Painting Tools. This page explain how and why to use them.
  • Dynamic StrokesDynamic Strokes are regular brush strokes powered by Substance files that can change for each stamp inside a brush stroke. 
  • Advanced Channel PaintingLearn how to paint information such as Height, Normal, Ambient Occlusion or Flow Maps.