Adding content on the hard drive

It is possible to add content in a shelf by placing new content directly on the hard drive at the right location.
By default with Substance Painter, a shelf folder is provided to be able to put new content. This default shelf is used to save brush, tool or any other kind of presets.

Where to install resources ?

Below are the location of the default Shelf location for custom content. 

WindowsC:\Users\ username \Documents\Allegorithmic\Substance Painter\shelf\
MacMacintosh > Users > username > Documents > Allegorithmic > Substance Painter > shelf
Linux /home/ username /Documents/Allegorithmic/Substance Painter/shelf

The folder can be named differently depending of the software version, for example it can be named "Substance Painter 2".

The default content shipped with Substance Painter is located within the installation folder and is replaced in each new version. Putting personal content here will be erased after an update.
This is why it is recommended to use the "Documents" folder instead, or via a custom shelf path. See this page for more information : Shelf Configuration.

File format and usages

There are different kind of files supported by the Shelf of Substance Painter. The folders are used to determine the usage of a ressource, which is why it is important to choose the right folder when adding new content :

File formatUsageFolder
SBSARSubstance MaterialShelf / Materials
SBSARFiltersShelf / Effects
SBSARGeneratorsShelf / Generators
PNG, TGA, JPEG, etc.Texture or AlphaShelf / Textures or Shelf / Alphas
HDR, EXREnvironment or Color LutShelf / Environments or Shelf / Colorlut
GLSLShaderShelf / Shaders
SPPR Brush PresetShelf / Presets / Brush
SPPR Particle PresetShelf / Preset / Particles
SPPR Material PresetShelf / Presets / Materials or Shelf / Materials
SPPRTool presetShelf / Preset / Tools
SPSMSmart MaterialShelf / Smart-materials
SPMSKSmart MaskShelf / Smart-masks
SPEXPExport PresetShelf / Export-presets

SBS (not SBSAR) files can't be used in Substance Painter directly, they need to be exported as SBSAR from Substance Designer.