Adding content via the import window

Opening the import window

The import window of Substance Painter can be called by three different ways :

  • Via the File > Import resources... menu entry
  • Via drag and drop of one or more files/folders into the shelf window
  • Via the dedicated button in the shelf window (see image below)

Import button in the shelf : 

Configuring the import window

  • Add ressources : Allow to select additional file to import them.
  • Remove selected ressources : If a file is selected in the list, this button will remove it.
  • Dropdow filter : Allow to filter the list of files by usage. This is useful to isolate ressources that are currently undefined.
  • Usage : see the "usage" section below for more information.
  • Prefix : The prefix can be a folder path to define where to store a ressource
  • Filename : Name of the current ressource. Sometimes the folder from where the ressource was found can be indicated, this information won't be used during the import process.
  • Import location : Can be either :
    • Current session : Into a temporary session, ressources will be lost after a restart of the application.
    • Project "project name" : Into the currently opened project file. Resources are embedded in the spp file.
    • Shelf "shelf name" : Into the current shelf defined as writable. See this page for more information : Shelf Configuration

You can select multiple items at once in the import window to quickly edit some information :