Camera Settings

This section of the Display Settings controls the behavior of the camera as well as the final look of the viewport image.


Field of ViewAllows to control the Filed of View of the camera (in degrees)
Focus Distance

Defines the distance at which the focus point is located.
This point is used by the Depth of Field effect.

The Focus Distance can be set automatically by clicking on a point of the mesh with the shortcut CTRL + Middle Mouse Button


Defines how wide the Depth of Field will be.

If Iray is controlling this parameter, changing it will re-trigger a computation.

Post Effects

See the Post-Effect page for more information.

Temporal Anti-Aliasing

When enabled the Temporal Anti-Aliasing (TAA) will remove jagged edges in the viewport. 
TAA works by accumulating information across multiple frames of rendering, this means the effect is disabled until the camera stops moving or other operation are performed.


Defines of many frames of will be accumulated to reduce the aliasing.

  • 16 : Recommend value for most cases
  • 64 : Useful for cleaning out very contrasted values (such as Alpha Test shader and dithering combined)

This settings doesn't have any impact on performances, however a high value may take longer to finish to produce a good looking result.

The Anti-Aliasing can also be used to filter the Alpha-Test shader if the setting "Alpha Dithering" is enabled : 

Subsurface Scattering

See the Subsurface Scattering page for more information.

Color Profile

See the Color Profile page for more information.