Command Lines

Substance Painter support multiple command line that can be used when launching the application.

Explicit command lines

You can use them as following : substance painter.exe command_name [option]
You can also use the command --help to get more details.

--help / -? / -hDisplay information about which command line are available and how to use them.
--version / -vDisplay the current version of Substance Painter.
--mesh <meshPath>

Mesh to load in the project.

  • Example (create a new project with a specific mesh) : "substance painter.exe" --mesh "E:\\MymeshFolder\\MyMesh.obj"
  • Example (update the mesh inside an existing project) :  "substance painter.exe" --mesh "E:\\MymeshFolder\\MyMesh.obj"   "E:\\ MyMeshFolder \\PainterProject.spp"

Baked maps associated with the mesh (AO, Normal, Curvature). Can be specified multiple times. Nomenclature : TextureSetName_AdditionalMapSlot

  • Ambient occlusion =  ambient_occlusion
  • Curvature =  curvature
  • Normal =  normal_base
  • World Space Normal =  world_space_normals
  • Position =  position
  • Thickness =  thickness
  • ID = id

Example :  "substance painter.exe" --mesh "E:\\MyMeshFolder\\MyMesh.obj" --mesh-map "E:\\ MyMeshFolder \\DefaultMaterial_ambient_occlusion.png"

--split-by-udimCreate a texture set per UDIM tile.
--export-path Default export path where the outputs of the project will be exported.
--vram-budget <amount>Override the video memory (VRAM) budget defined by Substance Painter engine. "Amount" is in megabytes.

Example : --vram-budget 2048

Hidden command lines

The following command is not listed when using the "help" command.

--disable-version-checkingDon't check if a new version of the application is available when starting up