Crash when opening or saving a file

There are a few reasons why Substance Painter would crash on Windows when opening a file dialog. This page regroups reasons and solutions to this issue.

Software Conflicts

Some program can add custom shell extensions which can lead to instabilities or crashes. Take a look at the  Software conflicts list for more information.

Shell extensions/Custom themes

Custom themes are not supported by our GUI framework, therefore it is highly recommended to uninstall the current theme before using Substance Painter.

Alienware/Dell computers integrate by default some shell extensions that are known to be incompatible with Substance Painter. We recommend to uninstall them. While we do not know exactly all the extensions that are incompatible, most of the time they correspond to:  

  • DBROverlayIconBackuped.DBROverlayIconBackuped Class
  • DBROverlayIconNotBackuped.DBROverlayIconNotBackuped Class

You can see which extensions are installed on your computer by using the following tool. Here is a rough procedure on how to proceed:

  1. Download and install ShellExView from NirSoft:
  2. Run the program
  3. Click on Option and choose Filter By Extension Type
  4. Select Icon Overlay handler
  5. You should see the two entries for Alien Respawn.
  6. Select both and click the red button to disable them.