Creating a Shelf Preset

Shelf presets are a way to quickly filter the ressources present in a Shelf from a specific query.
They are a good way to save a commonly used search or to organize the content of a Shelf into sub-categories.

Shelf preset are saved in a config file that can be edited manually. See : Adding shelf presets manually

Creating a new shelf preset

The following example will show how to create a shelf preset to list the Generators.

1 - Selecting an existing query to start with

Click on the shelf preset All :

2 - Open the shelf filter

Now open the shelf filter parameters section by clicking on the dedicated button :

3 - Select the usage "generator"

Switch the filter view to the "usages" by clicking on the second button

Notice that next to the search field at the top of the shelf window a new filter has been added. Its color is yellow because it is a temporary filter.

4 - Saving a query as a preset

To save the current query click on the save preset button :