Environment Settings

This section of the Display Settings controls the lighting in the project scene.


Environment Map

Environment map texture to be used to light the scene. Can be found in the Shelf by using the "Environment" preset.

Click on the button to open a mini-shelf and choose a different environment map.

Environment Opacity

Controls the visibility/opacity of the environment textures in the background of the viewport. This settings has no impact on the lighting of the scene.

Environment Exposure

The exposure value (EV) is a number that represents a fixed scene luminance. This setting allows to offset the default luminance value.

This setting should stay on 0 when working with the environment maps provided with Substance Painter. Texturing an asset with an incorrect exposure value could lead to color calibration issues in other applications.

Environment RotationControls the horizontal rotation of the environment texture. Useful for rotating the lighting in the scene and change how the object react. Can be controlled with a shortcut.
Environment BlurControls how sharp or blurry the environment texture will appear in the background of the viewport. This settings has no impact on the lighting.


ShadowsEnable / Disable rendering of shadows in the viewport.
Computation mode

Controls how quickly the shadows are computed.

  • Intensive : Compute fast but can froze the rendering of the viewport.
  • Average : Average of the Intensive and Lightweight mode.
  • Lightweight : (default) Compute slowy the shadows over a few seconds but doesn't slow down viewport performances.
Shadows opacityControls how much the Shadows will be visible in the scene.