File menu

The file menu contains the actions for creating and saving the projects and as well the actions for exporting and importing resources into a project.

  • New: Create a new Substance Painter project. See : Project Creation.
  • Open: Open a Substance Painter project.
  • Recent files: Display a list of the recently opened projects.
  • Open Sample: Shortcut to open sample projects shipped with Substance Painter (Meet Mat, Preview Sphere and Tiling Material).
  • Get More Samples: Shortcut to Substance Share projects page :
  • Close: Close the current open project.
  • Save: Save the current open project, if it is a new project it will call Save As instead.
  • Save And Compact: Save the current project and reduce its footprint (slower than a regular save).
  • Save As: Allow to save a project with a specific name.
  • Save As Copy: Allow to save a project with a specific name while keeping the current project open.
  • Save As Template: Save the current project settings into a template file that can be used for a new project.  The current texture set settings, baker settings and shader are saved as the template.
  • Clean: Remove any unused resources from the current project (it will take effect after the next Save).
  • Import resource: Open the import resources window.
  • Export textures: Open the export window that allows to export you current project as bitmap textures.
  • Quit: Close Substance Painter. It will ask to save the current project if some information are unsaved.