File menu

The file menu contains the actions for creating and saving the projects and as well the actions for exporting and importing resources into a project.

  • New: Create a new Substance Painter project. See : Project Creation.
  • Open: Open a Substance Painter project.
  • Recent files: Display a list of the recently opened projects.
  • Open Sample: Shortcut to open sample projects shipped with Substance Painter (Meet Mat, Preview Sphere and Tiling Material).
  • Get More Samples: Shortcut to Substance Share projects page :
  • Close: Close the current open project.
  • Save: Save the current open project, if it is a new project it will call Save As instead.
  • Save And Compact: Save the current project and reduce its footprint (slower than a regular save).
  • Save As: Allow to save a project with a specific name.
  • Save As Copy: Allow to save a project with a specific name while keeping the current project open.
  • Save As Template: Save the current project settings into a template file that can be used for a new project.  The current texture set settings, baker settings and shader are saved as the template.
  • Clean: Remove any unused resources from the current project (it will take effect after the next Save).
  • Import resource: Open the import resources window.
  • Export textures: Open the export window that allows to export you current project as bitmap textures.
  • Quit: Close Substance Painter. It will ask to save the current project if some information are unsaved.

Saving a project can be done in two manners:

  • Incremental: Default method, used when doing a regular save. Only the information that changed will be updated in the project file on the disk. This method allows to save very quickly the project without having to rewrite the project file entirely.
  • Full / Compact: If a Clean operation is performed or if the project is saved with the action "Save And Compact", the method will rewrite the project on the disk entirely. This method allows to get rid of project fragmentation and reduce the footprint. See: Projects are really big