Help menu

The help regroups various functions. From links to the documentation to the classic about window.

  • About: Displays information about Substance Painter. Such as the current version number.
  • Welcome Screen: Displays the welcome screen window, listing various links and shortcuts.
  • Check for Update: Allows to see if new versions of Substance Painter are available.
  • Manage license: Allows to display information about your license and change it if necessary.

Support menu :

  • Report bug: Allows to send a bug report to Allegorithmic's server (with an attachment).
  • Export log: Exports the log file of Substance Painter. Very useful if you need to report a bug on Allegorithmic's forum.
  • Give a feedback: Link to our uservoice web page. See:

Documentation menu :

  • Online Reference : Link to the documentation of Substance Painter. 
  • Online Shortcuts List : Link to the Shortcut list in the Online Documentation.
  • Shader API : Offline documentation included with Substance Painter for our custom shader system.
  • Scripting API : Offline documentation for the scripting/plugin system included with Substance Painter.

Partners menu :

  • About Iray: Displays information about Iray, the render system used by Substance Painter.
  • About Yebis : Displays information about Yebis, the post-processing system used by Substance Painter.