Project Configuration

The project setting window allow to modify few properties related to the current project such as the reloading of a new mesh.

Normal map format

The dropdown "normal map format" allows to specify the normal map space used by the project. OpenGL (Y+) and DirectX (Y-) are available.
The "compute tangent space per fragment" is used to determine how to compute and display the normal map. If enabled, the tangent and binormals of the mesh will be computed in the fragment (pixel) shader. 

Below is a list of the normal format for popular 3D application:

SoftwareNormal Format
Compute tangent space per fragment disabled.
Unreal Engine 4DirectX
Compute tangent space per fragment enabled.
3DS MaxDirectX

Mesh reloading

The mesh reloading allows to update your mesh at any moment. This allows to:

  • Update the mesh topology
  • Update the mesh UVs
  • Add or Remove texture sets

The checkbox "Preserve strokes positions on mesh" is here to indicate if you are actually updating the size of the mesh or not in order to know how to reproject your strokes and effects properly. For more information on how the reprojection system works, see : UV Reprojection

When reloading a mesh if the materials changed or have been renamed, the previous texture sets in the project can be disabled. This can be fixed with the Reassignment Window for the Texture Set List.


The setting "Create a texture set per UDIM tile" works the same way as when creating a new project. See the UDIM documentation.