Shelf Configuration

This panel allow you to indicate custom paths to additional shelf folders.
By default only the shelfs shipped with Substance Painter will be available.

A path can only be created/modified if no projects are currently open.

By default two shelf are pre-installed :

  • shelf : This is the empty shelf located in the user Documents folder when new resource are created by default.
  • allegorithmic : This is the shelf containing the default content shipped with Substance Painter

The "default" radio button is used to define in which shelf Substance painter is allowed to create new content (such as Brush presets, Material presets or Smart Materials).

Adding a new shelf path

  • Name : The named that will be used to reference your shelf in the interface Substance Painter (when right-clicking on a resource).
  • Path : This is the path to the custom shelf that you want to add, click on the button on the right to parse to the folder that you want.

You can add a new shelf by clicking on the button. Once you do that, Painter will create the sub-folders needed for organizing the data in the right tabs of the shelf.

You can remove a shelf by clicking on the button. Note : using this button will not remove any content on the disk.

Adding a new path will create the necessary folders and sub-folders structure automatically. From there you can put content in the sub-folders as you would do in the default shelf. See : Adding Content to the Shelf