This page list all the keyboard and mouse shortcuts available. Click on the "pen" icon next to a shortcut to edit it and enter the new combination.

For a quick overview of all the Shortcuts in Substance Painter you can head over the graphic available on Substance Academy.

Editable shortcuts

To reset a shortcut back to its default value simply right-clicking on it.


Shortcut (Windows)

Shortcut (MacOS)Description
Hide InterfaceTabulationTabulationHide all the panels of the interface to maximize the viewport(s).



⌘+ZCancel the last action and go back to the previous one.


⌘+YGo forward in the action list, redoing the action that has just been cancelled.
Mode PaintingF9F9Switch the interface to the Painting mode.
Mode Rendering (Iray)F10F10Switch the interface to the Rendering mode.
Open project


⌘+OOpen the Operating System File open dialog to load a project.
Close projectCtrl+F4⌘+WClose the currently opened project.
Save projectCtrl+S⌘+SSave the currently opened project.
Save As project
Shift+⌘+SSave the currently opened project. under a new name.
New projectCtrl+N⌘+NOpen the new project creation window.
Quit applicationAlt+F4⌘+QClose Substance Painter.

Increase tool size]]Increase the size of the brush for the painting tool.
Decrease tool size[[Decrease the size of the brush for the painting tool.
Invert grayscale toolX
Invert the current grayscale value if the painting tool is on a mask.
Pick stroke materialPPEnable the material picker tool.
SymmetryLLEnable the symmetry along a given axis.
Lazy MouseDDEnable the lazy mouse behavior on the current tool.

Swap 2D / 3D viewF4F4Swap between 2D and 3D view in viewport and 2D UV view.
Camera PerspectiveF5F5Change the camera of the viewport to a Perspective view.
Camera OrthographicF6F6Change the camera of the viewport to an Orthographic view.
Display next channelCCSwitch the viewport to the Solo view mode and display the next channel of the current Texture Set.
Display materialMMSwitch the viewport to the Material rendering mode.
Display next mesh mapBBSwitch the viewport to the Solo view mode and display the next mesh map of the current Texture Set.
Toggle particles animationSpaceSpacePause/Unpause animation of the particles if a particle projection is in progress.
Export texturesCtrl+Shift+EShift+⌘+EOpen the export textures window.
Center the whole meshFFCenter the whole mesh of the current project in the middle of the viewport.
Toggle quick mask editionUUEnter/Exit the quick mask edition.
Clear quick maskYYDisable and clean the quick mask.
Invert quick maskIIInvert the current values of the quick mask.
Viewport layout 3D/2DF1F1Change the viewport display to show the 3D and 2D view.
Viewport layout 3D onlyF2F2Change the viewport display to show only the 3D.
Viewport layout 2D onlyF3F3Change the viewport display to show only the 2D.
Texture Set isolate


Option+QIsolate the current Texture Set by hiding the other in the viewport.

Select Paint tool11
Select Paint tool + ParticlesCtrl+1⌘+1
Select Eraser tool22
Select Eraser tool + ParticlesCtrl+2⌘+2
Select Projection tool33
Select Projection tool + ParticlesCtrl+3⌘+3
Select Polygon Fill44
Select Smudge tool55
Select Clone tool (relative source)66
Select Clone tool (absolute source)Ctrl+6⌘+6

Use tool / paintMouse leftMouse left
Draw straight linesShift+Mouse leftShift+Mouse left
Draw straight lines with snappingCtrl+Shift+Mouse leftCtrl+Shift+Mouse left
Camera rotateAlt+Mouse leftOption+left
Camera snap rotateAlt+Shift+Mouse leftShift+⌘+Mouse left
Camera translateAlt+Middle mouseOption+⌘+Mouse left
Camera translate (alternative)Ctrl+Alt+Mouse left

Camera zoomAlt+Mouse rightMouse middle
Stencil rotateS+Mouse leftS+Mouse left
Stencil snap rotateShift+S+Mouse leftShift+S+Mouse left
Stencil translationS+Middle mouse

Stencil zoomS+Right mouseS+Right mouse
Change tool Size / HardnessCtrl+Mouse right⌘+Mouse right
Change tool Flow / RotationCtrl+Mouse left⌘+Mouse left
Rotate environmentShift+Mouse rightShift+Mouse right
Depth of Field Auto-FocusCtrl+Middle mouse

Texture set selectionCtrl+Alt+Mouse RightOption+⌘+Mouse right
Click in viewport Quick menuMouse rightMouse right
Set Clone tool source locationV+Mouse leftV+Mouse left

Ignore stencil maskNNTemporarily disable the stencil (avoid to remove it entirely)
Resume previous strokeAAAllow to continue the previously created brush stroke to avoid discontinuities.

Non-Editable shortcuts

Some shortcuts may only work if the mouse is over the specific window. For example : copy and pasting requires that the mouse is over the layer stack.

ActionShortcut (Windows)Shortcut (MacOS)
Copy layerCtrl+C⌘+C
Cut layerCtrl+X⌘+X
Paste layerCtrl+V⌘+V
Delete layerDeleteDelete
Duplicate layerCtrl+D⌘+D
Group layerCtrl+G⌘+G
Copy layer contentCtrl+Shift+COption+⌘+C
Paste layer contentCtrl+Shift+VOption+⌘+V
Display mask in viewportAlt+Mouse leftOption+Mouse left
Disable/Enable maskShift+Mouse leftShift+Mouse left
Cycle through the camerasleft or right arrowleft or right arrow

Manipulators' shortcuts for the triplanar projection:


Shortcut (Windows)Shortcut (MacOS)
Change (object/world)TT
Decrease/Increase size-/+-/+

Manipulators' shortcuts for the UV projection:


Shortcut (Windows)Shortcut (MacOS)
Snapping OnShift (hold)Shift (Hold)
Symmetrical selectionCtrl
Decrease/Increase size-/+-/+

Drag and drop materials and smart materials on a portion of a mesh:


Shortcut (Windows)Shortcut (MacOS)
Drag & dropCTRL+Drag&Drop⌘+Drag&Drop